Integrating Career Advising

Integration of career advising into academic advising is well established as a necessary component of quality academic advising. Here at IUPUI Career Planning is one of the six domains of Outcomes and Expectations of Advisors, highlighted in the Advising Outcomes Document.

On the Spring 2017 campus-wide advising survey, students were more than twice as likely to cite their Academic Advisor as the source of their career or pre-professional planning knowledge rather than Career Services or Pre-Professional Advisors.

To help students develop career awareness, we are creating a series of online modules in Canvas that can be embedded in courses or other organized activities and used by instructors and academic and career advisors in order to support students as they:

  • Explore their values, strengths and interests in relation to degrees and careers.
  • Develop an academic plan that connects with careers that excite them.
  • Graduate with a solid plan for furthering their professional goals, and become
  • Employed in a career that they are passionate about!

You can preview and begin using these modules, by visiting the edge website.